Primary 3A – Mrs Hughes

In P3A we used charcoal to draw winter trees.


We made snowflakes in P3A for our winter wall display. We cut out a circle and folded it in half, in quarters and then again into eighths. We cut little triangles out and when we unfolded it we added glitter! We were doing maths and art!

In P3A we found different ways to make the same amounts of money.

P3A Survey of car colours in St Clare’s car park.

We went into the car park with Mrs Hughes and we gathered information (data) about car colour.

We learned about tally marks – these allow us to record a lot of data quickly.

Here’s what we found:

Colour of car Tally marks Actual number


llll 4


l 1


lll 3


llll   llll 10


lll 3

We gathered information on our birthdays in P3A and made a barchart using sticky notes!

In P3A we have been learning to gather information (or data) and show this on a pictogram.

We collected data about eye colour in P3A.