Eco Committee

The Eco Committee has been presented with their ‘Eco Committee’ badges.

Eco Committee BadgeEco Committee Badges

Our Eco Committee had a meeting to discuss what actions we can take to make our school a more environmentally friendly place. They came up with some targets that they will focus on throughout this year:

Eco Committee Targets 

  1. Recycle paper and plastic in each classroom with recycling centres on each corridor.
  2. Reduce litter in classroom/ playground. Encourage the use of bins and timetable each class to be ‘litter pickers’ in the playground each day after lunch.
  3. Save energy by switching off electrical appliances when not in use e.g. lights, CD players, Interactive whiteboards etc.
  4. Save water by ensuring taps are turned off straight after use.
  5. Place a suggestion box in the front hall for pupils and parents to let us know of any ideas they have.



Each class held elections to choose one classmate to represent them on the Eco Committee.