The West Belfast Partnership Board Education Award

Our Planting Garden received The West Belfast Partnership Board Education Award!

St. Clare’s Primary School has a, as described by the ETI, ‘restricted playground space’. The school has been managing well but a small waste area belonging to the school was not being used due to access problems.

The school Parents Group became interested in developing this area as a place of learning and fun, with BELB (EA) initially to develop secure access to the area.

Once this was accomplished the plan was to devise and develop a Planting/Environment Garden in which pupils would have opportunities to learn about plants and the environment.

Funding to the value of £1000 was obtained through St. Clare’s Parents Group Fund Raising and Ramada Encore. To maximise resources and develop links Workforce used the funding to purchase wood, which their joinery students used to produce planting Boxes and garden benches. A local shed company (SM Sheds) agreed to supply the project with a shed and play house and TyreWay provided tyres which the parents group painted and used as planters. Donations were also given kindly by Homebase and McPeakes, Falls Road.

This is a recent project so the planned benefits are to have pupils engaged in the environmental learning within Whole Class or Gardening Club/Environment Club. This will also enhance learning within the curriculum in the area of WAU (World Around Us).


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